Shake off the Sugar!

Welcome to Shake off the Sugar!

This site is all about shaking that sugar addiction. Although most of us don’t realize it, many people are addicted to sugar and consume way too much of it every day.

Eating too much sugar is easy to do, because it’s often added to food for additional flavor. The first step is to know what your battle is. Once you know what foods have excess sugar in them, you can start to cut them out and replace them with better foods.

There are a lot of benefits to eating a low-glycemic diet, and you’ll find some of them here.

Those chilly winter days don’t have to be filled with sugary hot chocolate and diabetes-inducing brownies. Soups and various types of chili are a smarter way to go about heating up on those cold evenings. Sugar is often turned to when people are depressed or just generally feeling down because they’re not getting enough sunlight. We recommend getting a sunlamp or taking Vitamin D supplements instead of turning to ice cream and candy.

This site is dedicated to helping you shake your sugar habit. We have a ton of recipes here, all of them created with the glycemic index in mind.

When you want to lose weight and feel better in your life, shaking off the sugar is the way to go. It’s not just exercise—80% of it is how you eat.

This site is not meant to give or replace medical advice. If you have health problems, then talk to your doctor first. Shake off the Sugar is for informational purposes only.

Below, you’ll see some of our favorite tools for beginning a healthy, low-glycemic diet.

Low Glycemic Pyramid – This will help you make healthier choices for your eating habits.

Glossary of Nutritional Terms – We know that it can be hard to understand the terminology that the food industry uses, so this glossary will help you read labels and understand what all of those ingredients are;

 Protein Calculator – Are you getting enough protein? This calculator can get you a practical estimate for how much protein you should get on a daily basis.

 Dietary Fiber Calculator – Dietary fiber is an important part of a low-glycemic or low-carb diet. This tool will help you find out if you’re eating enough dietary fiber.

 The Glycemic Index  – This index is great helping you when you’re cutting down on carbs. It gives the glycemic index of almost 100 commonly eaten foods.

GI Calculator  – This tool was developed by the University of Sydney for calculating the glycemic load and glycemic index of foods. Once you get to the site, click on the GI Database.

International Conversion? – Using the metric system instead? Turn our weird measurements into something more easily understood.

We also provide a lot of other tools and tips and tricks to help you live the healthy life you’ve always dreamed of—without sugar!