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Shake off the Sugar is dedicated to helping you shake that sugar addiction and live a healthier lifestyle.

On this site, you’ll find a variety of resources to help you cut sugar out and what to eat to fill that hole.

You are what you eat, right? Eating too much sugar—which is really easy to do, as it’s added to almost everything we eat—is awful for you.

We here at Shake off the Sugar believe in working toward better eating habits while still eating food that tastes good.

That’s why our whole site is designed around making all of these complicated dietary changes go as easily as possible for you.

We offer three subscription options if you want to make the most out of shaking that sugar habit.

Want to help your child learn more about health and safety? It’s only $2 per year to get fun pages for your kid, to make learning fun and easy.

Another membership option is only $4.99 a year, and it includes our newest recipes that aren’t included in the older version of our cookbook (read more about it below). There are also articles that aren’t in either version of our book, and there are some of those fun pages we talked about for kids.

Our last option is $14.99 per year. You get all of the recipes in our cookbook, plus nutrition articles and information, as well as some bonus pages for kids to learn about health and safety.

Want to take Shake off the Sugar with you?

Our original Shake off the Sugar Cookbook is only $7.99 in EPUB and MOBI formats for your Nook or Kindle. Our cookbook provides almost 300 low-glycemic and low-carb strategies, recipes, and nutrition information.

Plus, you can get our revised, expanded paperback copy of it on Amazon.com if you’re the type to prefer something solid to look at and refer to.

Got any ideas for how we can make this site help people even more? Drop us a line on our Contact Us page and send us recommendations or requests.