Office Catering Helps Save Company’s Time

When you own or run a big corporate company, you are responsible for a number of things apart from the monthly targets, profits, growth rate, investment returns, etc. Another aspect that is as important as the business itself is your employees. Your company grows because of them and it the company’s responsibility to ensure they are well taken care of.

Though as per the law and company policy, lunch breaks are given to the employees, providing food on the premises has a number of advantages. Of the many benefits a company stands to enjoy by providing catering facility within the company, the major advantage is the amount of time that is saved.

Time Saved Is Time Used

It saves a lot of time. Employees don’t step out for lunch or a break all by themselves. They always go out with their co-workers. There are situations where a desk or system has to be manned at all times, in such a case one will step out while the other takes care. More often than not, each of these employees will have their own set of friends they hang out with.

When they go out for lunch as a gang, it is bound to take a lot of time. This results in a loss of productivity for the company. If the company has an office catering contract in place, where food is provided to the employees, within the company itself, a lot of time will be saved. This time can be used towards increasing the productivity and efficiency.

Also, when people don’t have to drive in the traffic or travel out in the hot or cold weather, they are more at peace mentally and this helps in better results. This also increases the chances of your employees interacting better as everyone will be on the same floor and not in different restaurants. There will be no issues of one going to a high-end restaurant while the other gang goes to a low-cost restaurant.

Why Shake Off The Sugar?

Sugar is in excess in many of the foods we eat, especially the kinds that are processed and/or are filled with preservatives. Because there is so much sugar in everything we eat, you should aim to cut sugar out as much as you can. Too much sugar means weight gain and sluggishness, and who wants that?

Healthy fats are fine in moderation, and it’s easy to cut carbs in pasta by getting whole-grain pasta or other low-carb substitutes. Whole milk, cream, cheese, sour cream, and unsweetened/sugar-free yogurt are other good choices. Getting the right amount of protein is important too, so make sure you’re eating lean meat and legumes, such as peanuts and beans.

Especially when you start changing your eating habits, your sweet tooth might be missing all that sugar. There are actually low-glycemic desserts that can give you the joy of sweet food without all the excess sugar. Unfortunately, these are not a good source of nutrients, so you should only eat them occasionally as a treat.

And no, a treat is not when you’ve eaten low-glycemic foods all day and want to reward yourself. A treat, by its very nature, should not be eaten too often. “Every once in a while” does not mean “every day!”

The most difficult part of changing how you eat is sticking to your convictions. If you really want to eat better and shake off the sugar, you have to commit to it. It’s not easy, but we’ll be there every step of the way. Use our Contact Us page if you need any additional help or if you have questions that you can’t find the answer to on our site.